We can help quickly and efficiently bring addressable television services to clients.


Addressable Media

Looking for professionals to drive results in the addressable TV market? Leave it to us. With a team that can build bespoke targets, purchase addressable media, drive results, and direct insights for broader client impact, we will get you the results that you deserve.


The team is working with Networks, MVPD's, Programmatic Platforms, and ad agencies, throughout the Adressable Video landscape, to build strategies and capabilities that will drive the entire marketplace forward.


The company is providing technology services, including data processing, and  acting as a tech incubator for products built to enhance the Addressable TV marketplace.

We help deliver the right ad, to the right person, by combining the unmatched reach of television, with the targeting, precision and measurement capabilities of Addressable Television.

Addressable systems are all different. Success requires a deep understanding of the technologies, capabilities, and issues. This team has built addressable systems and has worked with the data that is generated by all of the platforms. We leverage the nuances of each system to drive unique results for our clients.

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We have the creativity and best practices required for developing and defining advanced targets for clients. We work with the landscape of platforms to enable those targets for maximum impact.

SpicyTEQ’s strategies consider the context of other marketing efforts and the required models to assess the viability, before money is spent.


Due to the non-uniformity of reporting across addressable providers, SpicyTEQ has developed the capability to verify, normalize, and create aggregated and concise campaign reporting.

Working with safe harbor providers, the exposure and transactional data is unified to show advertising impact, including unduplicated reach, brand lift and ROAS. Insights are generated to improve subsequent campaigns.

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We're focused on utilizing audience optimization, targeting, and analytics, to harness TV's evolving data and technology capabilities, for clients.



Review. Data. Strategies.



Confirm. Track. Pacing. Adjust.


Data Source. Goals. Models. Plans.



Aggregate. Normalize. Report.


Support. Workflow. Timing. Data.



Research. ROAs. Models. Conclusions.